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Certified Sports Guaranty

With CSG, you can be confident that you’ll get getting a world-class service with the latest technology

Whenever you use a grading company, you want to have peace of mind that what you’ll be getting is impartiality to go along with their expert eye. That’s exactly what you’ll get with CSG which is why their grading system is respected across the industry.

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Certification runs through the heart of the company. Not only are they expert card graders but they are backed by the same ownership group as CGC, PMG, and NGC which are leading comic book, paper money, and coin certification services respectively.

There is no guesswork involved in their certifications. They not only rely on their world-renowned expertise but they have advanced technology which ensures the consistency of their grading system.

The accuracy of CSG grading can be relied upon and they’ll also get your card graded quickly and efficiently. You’ll get a rock-solid guarantee on your card which will fill you with confidence while also adding value to your card.

Part of the technology that they use includes automating many of the certification processes that can often take a lot of time. This includes digitally measuring the centering of their card and attributing it. UV light is also used to highlight any alterations and details which may be hard to spot with the naked eye.

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All of these processes can be done without altering the condition of the card which involves non-destructive ink and paper analysis.

When you get your grade back from CSG, whether it’s good or bad, you’ll know that it is going to be trusted by whoever looks at your collection. Their guarantee of authenticity is not bettered in the industry and that should fill you with confidence.

It’s no surprise that so many individuals and companies rely on CSG grading Canada for their card grading needs. They use the standard 1-10 grading system that is common in the industry and you’ll have your sealed cards back in no time.

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