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brilliant card collections

Why Submit?

There are many great reasons to submit your card for grading!

  • If you’re a collector, you’ll want your card to be protected with an authentic grade.
  • You may be an investor that wants to increase the value of your mint condition card.
  • You feel your card’s subject may boom in popularity and want a grade to protect the card.
  • The card is special to you and you want to know its grade
  • You love the idea of your brilliant card collection getting graded
Contact Us Today


If you want to submit your card for grading, the process couldn’t be easier.


Fill Out Our Online Form

All you need to do to start the process is to fill out our online form. We’ll need some basic information along with the details about your card(s), which includes selecting the correct submission level.


Sign Your Confirmation

Once the form has been completed, we’ll send you confirmation of your submission.

This needs to be printed and signed by yourself.


Send Us Your Submission

All you need to do now is send your submission off to Submit With Us along with your confirmation. Make sure to include everything to avoid any delays.



You’ll only need to make payment once the cards are sent off for grading. All cards are subject to upcharges based on their graded value.